Dr Fauzan Mirza | Assistant Professor | Department of Communication Systems Engineering

Welcome to my home page

I joined NUST School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (formerly known as “NUST Institute of Information Technology”) in September 2006, and I am currently employed as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Systems Engineering.

I have a first class honours BSc in Computer Science from Royal Holloway, University of London and a PhD in Information Security also from Royal Holloway, University of London. My PhD thesis was on the analysis of some modern block and stream ciphers. During my PhD studies, I visited the University of Bergen, Norway, for three months where I investigated a design flaw in the Twofish block cipher which was proposed for the US Government's Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). My PhD advisor (Professor Sean Murphy) and I were awarded a $10,000 (US) prize for the discovery of this weakness. During and after my PhD studies, I worked for various UK companies, government organisations and police forces in the capacity of a data security specialist. My expertise and knowledge includes: computer hacking attacks and defence, software registration/activation mechanisms (anti-piracy), digital evidence investigation (computer forensics), role-based access control.

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Dr Fauzan Mirza
NUST School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
166-A Street #9
Chaklala Scheme III

I can be contacted by e-mail at: fauzan [at] niit [dot] edu [dot] pk

My PGP public key (key id=0xF6BA9A17), which I use to sign my e-mails, can be downloaded from here. An excellent description of installing OpenPGP to work with your e-mail application is given on this web page.